About Bad Bloom

Kate Rogers: Bass and Lead Vox
Jay Trovato: Guitar
Ryne Ziemba: Guitar
Rob Blatt: Drums

Bad Bloom was once only a vision between Jay Trovato and Kate Rogers. The husband and wife duo decided it was time to maximize their time together as musicians, burnt out by projects that fell through or never surfaced.

The pair created demos in their small apartment in Queens, until they found drummer Rob Blatt and Kate’s friend and musical collaborator, Ryne Ziemba, to expand into a full line up.

Fusing Jay’s roots in distorted guitars and heavy influence with Kate’s dreamy, yet driving vocals, Bad Bloom enters a new wave of music some reference as Dream Grunge. Taking influence from The Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, and Ride, catchy vocals lay beautifully within distortion and fuzz that almost puts the listener in a daze, but brings them right back for more.